Digital requirements for new primary care models

A briefing for clinicians and managers
Sophie Castle-Clarke, Stephanie Kumpunen, Sílvia Machaqueiro,
Natasha Curry, Candace Imison
April 2016
 Jumping to the conclusions…
“5. Conclusions

…Given the way in which primary care is evolving, we suggest that three technologies should be prioritised locally and nationally:

• Shared electronic health records (supported by sound interoperability and
information governance mechanisms) to facilitate coordinated care
• Telehealth solutions to improve patient access to services and professional access to
specialist expertise
• Patient tools and resources such as portals which facilitate booking appointments
online and access to records, information and advice.
Where organisations are working at scale, integrated back-end solutions are also likely
to be important in realising efficiencies…”

Link to the document at the Nuffield Trust.

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