We’re using Ardens at Woodingdean Medical Centre.

We were recently asked to register an additional 1500 patients (and expand the team), following the closure of a nearby practice.

Having Ardens tools helped us focus on the task at hand, rather than the tools.

We signed up initally for the 3 month trial (took 1 hour to configure) and are planning to continue with the paid version for the foreseeable future.

The whole practice team evaluated, all were really keen for us to keep Ardens, which we have.

Easy access for GPs, nurses and HCA to excellent templates, resources and especially the structured prescribing formularies.

We don’t use the templates with every consultation (watch their videos for now, we’re going to do a few videos showing how we actually use it in Woodingdean).

We find the clinical (and QoF) templates, prescribing formularies, patients leaflets, diaries, links to CKS and searches the most useful.

The prescribing templates are an excellent resource and educational tool.

Great to know the whole team have access to consistent templates (to supplement the local ones) and this saves us weeks of time making our own and keeping them uptodate.

My recommendation/call to action:

 In April, sign up for the 3 month trial and then makeupyourownmind (btw we do not get anything for this recommendation).

If you love it too, then ask the CCG to support it.

EMIS can get their own tools (I understand QMasters do some stuff, but I’m not upto speed with EMIS any more).